26 June 2022


About Us

Turkish Agency Cyprus, or TAK for short (English: Turkish Agency Cyprus), is a news agency located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

It started its activities on December 21, 1973 by publishing its first bulletin in order for the Turkish Cypriot Provisional Administration to feel the need to have its own national news agency and for the Turkish Cypriot people to make their voices heard to the world.

TAK, of which Sait Terzioğlu is the founding director, started its services with a typewriter and a few news items. Media organizations in Turkey and international news agencies such as Reuters and IRNA are subscribed to the agency, which could only serve the Turkish Cypriot press before. In addition to the news from the Turkish Cypriot press, translations are made from English and Greek newspapers and a news bulletin is also prepared.

Anadolu Agency cooperates with İhlas News Agency and Azeri Press Agency within the framework of protocols.